Interior Design for Well-Being & Productivity

Workplace stress and demotivation are more common during these times of the pandemic. But did you know that interior design creates a significant impact on your well-being and productivity? 🍃 By having something visually appealing to look at, interior design helps produce positive emotions and generate new ideas at work.

A good office interior is necessary, especially today when most of us are in a work-from-home setup. Besides aesthetics, there is also importance for ergonomic comfort. The choice of furniture makes a big difference in motivation, creativity, and well-being at work.

With those in mind, here are some things to consider when setting up your workplace at home:

1. Include natural light. Research has proven that natural light encourages calmness, enhances mood, boosts productivity. ☀️

2. Invest in a good office chair. Work-from-home usually entails sitting most of the day doing paperwork, attending meetings, and the like. (You don't wanna end up with back pain!)

3. Choose the best wall color because colors affect your mood — usually, neural colors such as off-white and gray are used for home offices. For an additional touch, you may also try having an accent wall.

4. Add spice to your space! Consider accessories that can enhance the look of your offices, like mirrors, wall arts, and carpets. 🤎

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