Zoom Trapezoid Marble Bookend Set
Zoom Trapezoid Marble Bookend Set
Zoom Trapezoid Marble Bookend Set
Zoom Trapezoid Marble Bookend Set

Trapezoid Marble Bookend Set


A duo set of trapezoid bookends that bring an elegant and classic touch to your collection of books. Each bookend is cut and smoothed out of solid marble, acting as a piece of decor that bring focus to your bookshelves.


- Actual colors and marble veins may slightly vary from the website photos.

- Not all pieces are on hand, some may take us 7-12 working days to produce and deliver.

- For custom color sets, kindly get in touch with us here.


Size + Dimensions:

9cm x 9cm x 19cm


Material + Content:

- Marble

- Set of 2


Care Instructions:

- To clean, wet a non-abrasive cloth or sponge with mild soap and water and wipe the marble product. Ensure that you rinse well and sop up excess water and soap. Thoroughly dry surface.
- Apply sealant on items that are in constant contact with liquids such as mugs and cups to protect the marble
- Avoid acidic foods (tomato) and liquids (milk, juice, alcohol) to come into contact with any marble as this causes etching and dulling. If any acidic liquids come into contact with the marble, wipe immediately.

- It is strongly advised NOT to use vinegar, lemon juice or other cleaners containing acid on marble, including bleach.
- It is strongly advised that you DO NOT leave staining agents such as foods, beverages and cosmetics in contact with the marble. Wipe these stains off immediately.
- Do not place the marble items in the dishwasher nor the microwave.


This product was designed and created in collaboration with Ren Marble. 

Trapezoid Marble Bookend Set